When the interior of your building is getting wet due to a leaky roof, it can be a difficult and frustrating event. It takes valuable time away from your day and decreases productivity in the office.   

Fortunately, John T. Morgan Roofing is here to help identify the leak source and properly repair your roof so you can focus on getting your building back in order. For many years, our roof services division has handled roof repairs in addition to preventative roof maintenance. 

Warranted Repair Services 

The two largest and most respected commercial and industrial roofing manufacturers are Carlisle Syntec and Firestone Building Products. We are certified installers for both of these manufacturers and are licensed to perform roof repairs on their systems. When you contact warranty services, request John T. Morgan Roofing to perform the leak repair. They will issue us a work order and we will have your building dry in no time. 

Non-Warranted Repair Services 

If your roof is out of warranty, please contact us in regards to your roof leak. We will send out a team of roof repair specialists to investigate, diagnose and address your roof leak.