From the beginning in 1933 to today, steep slope roofing has been a focus at John T. Morgan Roofing. We provide roof installation, maintenance and repair services on many steep slope roof systems. Additionally, our sheet metal shop can provide custom fabrication such as copper countertops or range hoods.

Elastikote Roof


A roof coating system that is a good option for coating an existing metal roof. A primer may need to be used depending on the condition of the metal. The existing roof will be pressure washed and a specially formulated mastic will be installed at the seams, fasteners and penetrations. Two or three coats of ElastiKote 1000 will be installed over the entire roof area. Check out the ElasitKote 1000 torture test.

  • May be a cost effective option for a new roof covering  
  • Warranties typically range from 10 to 15 years 

Shingles Roofing


There are many varieties of shingles on the market today ranging from 3-tab and architectural shingles to premium designer shingles that imitate shakes or tile. Another thing to consider is attic ventilation which may become easier with a vented ridge placed atop a shingle roof. Proper ventilation will help reduce attic temperature in the summer, ice dams in the winter and may increase the lifespan of your shingle roof. 

  • Cost effective roof solution for many residences or steep slope structures 
  • Warranties typically range from 25 years to lifetime 

Metal Roofing


Traditional standing seam metal roofs are installed with clips that are hidden underneath the metal panel. This type of metal roof is preferred by John T. Morgan Roofing for a longer lasting, watertight metal roof system. Today, exposed fastener metal roofs are becoming more popular due to being more cost effective. However, we recommend that you proceed with caution and understanding that the installation requires you to attach fasteners through the metal and into the roof deck. Additionally, metal shingles are an option for someone interested in a metal roof.  

  • Paint finish warranties typically range from 30 to 50 years-Aluminum, steel and copper are common metals used for roof panels 
  • Watertight metal roof warranties are available on certain roof systems

Slate Roofing Roanoke


Roofing tiles made from slate rock or stone. They are durable and provide dependable weather protection. Slate tiles are heavy and the structure must be built to withstand the load. Commonly found on older homes or structures. Synthetic slate is becoming more common which is a slate looking tile made from synthetic materials. These tiles weigh less and more structures are able to handle the load.  

  • Long lifespan that may reach 100 years or more 
  • Authentic slate and synthetic slate are the most common roof tiles

Shakes Roof Cedar


Wood shakes provide a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing roof with many years of dependable weather protection. There are several types of wood used to make shakes including cedar, cypress, pine and redwood. The most commonly used shake around Roanoke and Southwest Virginia is cedar. 

  • Several sizes and thicknesses are available along with various levels of quality
  • Common lifespan of 15 to 30 years